Welcome to Yoga and the Deep Physique®, an In-Depth Yoga Experience

Yoga and the Deep Physique® is a cutting edge program that weaves together Western psychology and traditional yoga. Created by Mary Cate Haunestein, MA and Kristin Werner, PhD(c), advanced yoga instructors and clinical psychotherapists, this unique program expands the wisdom of both yoga and psychology. Yoga and the Deep Physique is one-of-a-kind because it fills in the gaps of where Western psychology "leaves off" and where yoga begins. 

Whether you are looking to become a yoga teacher, add new (or ancient) techniques to your existing skill set as a teacher, or desiring to further your own self realization, this program is for YOU! This program will teach yoga practices that will deepen your knowledge of Self and World. You will learn to uncover the light of your soul, so you may find greater freedom and fulfillment. In addition to experiencing these practices, you will learn HOW to teach them and HOW to effectively guide your students/clients through their path of self-realization.

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